sobre: resumo autobiográfico


resumo autobiográfico

Do you want to know who I am?

Come close, I will tell you….

I am brasiliense(from Brasilia– Capital of Brasil) – proudly and I miss it a lot – I love to write, soooo much that I’ve done Journalism to became a writer (like Ernest Hemingway). But I also understand that photography is another way to tell things, stories, poetry, but above all, a way to tell what it is ineffable, things I can not reach with my words (in any other language). So I’m also a photographer, with a diploma and everything.

Some time ago, I have published my first book – Perfect Present.  In 2020, during the pandemy, I have publish the second (Através do Celular). And now in 2022 will come to publish my third one – I guess, I can call myself a writer, right!? Of course, my creative mind does’t stop, so I’m working in a new book project now, if you want to know, stick around and you will know little more.

With my family (husband and two kids) I lived in Amsterdam, São Paulo, Santiago Chile, Toulouse, Guatemala, Curitiba, Telford, Laredo (Spain), Lindsborg (USA). And today I just want to go home, – no matter where home is – right now its a concept where I can to sit down open a book, read or  write – with a coffee, wine and friends.

I also workout a lot at the gym, my dark side maybe, or the sourse of my fertile mind – I don’t know. But it is very important to me. This year (2022), I win the second place of a Supino championship at my gym, besides that, I love to swim and dance (classic ballet).

So, if you liked all this: you are very welcome! Otherwise, be my guest to be happy in another cyber place – but no matter what, be happy, because this is what makes all the difference!

Frases que preenchem minha alma

“Hay hombres que luchan un día y son bueno.

Hay otros que luchan un año y son mejores.

Hay aquellos que luchan muchos años y son muy buenos.

Pero hay los que luchan por toda la vida… Esos son imprescindibles.”

Bertold Brecht

“Há metafísica bastante em não pensar em nada”

Fernando Pessoa

“Não era mais uma menina com um livro: era uma mulher com seu amante”

Clarice Lispector

Vamos construir algo juntos.