Madame Bovary

Some times I think, every woman has a touch of her; maybe in despair, maybe in naive, maybe in betrayal, maybe in vanity, maybe in heart emptiness and maybe, just maybe.

She is a seducer. Unhappily, perspicacious, dreamer. From being a good wife, to a mundane.madame-bovary-lendo there is a laps of a moment that everything just turned around. And her life transformed into something else. She is entirely selfish, no doubt of that – but aren’t we all, somehow, but our lives don’t slip way from our finger, do they?

She had had some impact over me. I didn’t like the book at all. Heavy literature. Heavy descriptions. However, Flaubert was precise in show the nature of this woman. And the consequences of her actions.

I can not stop think about the daughter, who had had everything and all the sudden, had to work in the cotton fields…. What a sad end!

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