About – Sobre

Do you want to know who I am?

Come close, I will tell you….

I am brasiliense(from Brasilia– Capital of Brasil) – proudly and I miss it a lot – I love to write, soooo much that I’ve done Journalism to became a writer (like Ernest Hemingway).

Some time ago, I published my first book – Perfect Present.  And I’m working in a new project now, if you want to know, stick around and you will know little more.

I’m married and happy. I have two kids. I also Crossfit (my dark side, maybe).

I lived in Amsterdam, but I already lived in São Paulo, Santiago Chile, Toulouse, Guatemala, Curitiba, Telford, Laredo (Spain), Lindsborg (USA). And today I just want to go home, – no matter where home is – to sit down open a book and read or  write – of course with a nice wine (I’d prefer rosé, and you?)

If you liked: you are very welcome! Otherwise, be my guest to be happy in another cyber place – but no matter what, be happy, because this is what makes all the difference!


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