I am the daughter of the jungle…

I am daughter of the jungle, even if I had never been there. I know the smells, the textures, the dangerous, I know how to behave. I also can see subtleties and nuances, movements of tendencies. I can hear the moon,and feel in my skin the explosions in the sun. I can understand that nothing it is so definitive and so hard that’s going to take forever, as much as the river draw itself through the earth, and lapidating stones in such different formats, and such different ways, and it doesn’t matter how much, takes it, the river will get to the sea. And because of all that, I am an eternal student of the world itself. But I can’t stand by people, I can’t understand those who say one thing and do the other way around. I don’t understand the concept and practice of gossips. And this is the reason I commit to raise myself around a solid structure called family.You see, I don’t have roots – I mean, I do have them, – but as I travel a lot, I don’t raise myself roots. Which makes you wonder, but is there any place you feel like home? And yes…. there is – I feel the satisfaction of being in my house, reading books and writing stories. I find home wherever I can go with my husband and sons, and it doesn’t matter where this place is, because I am very comfortable in being with my thoughts. I like the silence, and my own voice telling me things. So my mind is also my home.

As a daughter of the jungle, I have another gift: I’m never alone. All things in the world collaborate to be a partner and a part of my life. And this way I am free. But as I was telling you before, I learned everything I know with my grandma. She was a unique pearl made through time, through people, through principles.

The most distant memory I have from her, she was already old, full of those wrinkles that mark well her path in the people’s life. It´s not she grow old after a while. Actually, she was already that when I was born, a solid tree, wrinkled and steady – full of wisdom – not books wisdoms – I repeat, she was the real deal.


And you have to comprehend that what I became was not over night, and there was never a lesson to teach. I learned all the secrets of the souls the way I was suppose. And this is very secrecy – like this brotherhoods – but it is how we learn in my family.


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